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Update 900

Released 07/10/2021


  • PTICM-8104 - The Blockly "Select Field" pop-up now sorts the pages in the actual page order rather than alphabetically
  • PTICM-8290 - Labels in forms are now top aligned by default (this is the position recommended by the GDS style guide). This change won't affect existing forms. You can change the alignment of labels in the Form Settings
  • PTICM-8676 - The text, text area, non-storing text, address lookup (postcode), number, password, list box, drop-down and date input fields now all support the HTML autocomplete attribute. There's a description in Common Field Properties
  • PTICM-8946 - The width restriction on the Tool Box in the Forms Designer has been removed
  • PTICM-8989 - The "Encoding" property in Form Settings has a new default value of "Auto". This detects whether or not the form includes a file upload field so there's no need to switch between URL and multipart encoding. These options are still available if needed
  • PTICM-9016 - We've added a Blockly block for the helper.getPageName() function
  • PTICM-9145 - The deprecated "Optional" page property has now been removed


  • PTICM-8917 - The WYSIWYG editor field type now focuses correctly and no longer throws errors when it's focused before it has finished loading (this was most noticeable when it was the first field on a page)
  • PTICM-8953 - The aria label aria-labelledby has been added to the WYSIWYG field to fix an accessibility error
  • PTICM-9025 - The iCM asset lookup field type now HTML escapes the title input field's value
  • PTICM-9230 - Ensure the drop-down and multi-select fields refresh their values if the options change and type ahead is enabled
Last modified on 08 March 2023

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