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Released 17/08/2023

Note that this released has been paused until is released on the 23/08/2023

New Features

  • PTICM-8773 - The hint text of form fields can now be placed above or below a field's input. There's a new "Hint Text Position" property in your form settings. This update relies on some styling changes that will be in the 18/08/2023 release of the  Standardised Site
  • PTICM-10096, PTICM-10120, PTICM-10121, PTICM-10122 - Scheduling parameters have been added to  registerDigest()  which are returned by  listDigests() . A new  updateDigest() method has been added to update these values. This allows scheduling information to be stored alongside a digest so that more intelligent schedulers can be written
  • PTICM-10097 - An optional description parameter has been added to  registerDigest()
  • PTICM-10153 - A word counter has been added to the  Text Area - Basic field
  • PTICM-10165 - A new  report called "Published End Point Native Object Modification" has been added, which can identify any end points that modify the global scope or native object (which would cause errors)


  • PTICM-8919 - The  Script Button  and  SCRIPTBUTTON  Handlebars helper have been modified so that they generate <button> rather than <input> markup. Existing forms will be unaffected by the change, but any new fields added will use the new markup
  • PTICM-9017 - The  Text InputText Input (Non-storing)  and  Number Input  can now have prefixes and suffixes. This would let you add currency symbols to inputs, for example:
    Field Prefixes and Suffixes

    This update relies on some styling changes that will be in the 18/08/2023 release of the  Standardised Site
  • PTICM-9857 - The filtering of process instances in the process modeller has been simplified. There's now a dedicated field for business key when you are  Inspecting Process Instances
  • PTICM-9984 - We've improved the hint text styling for forms displayed within iCM (for example in form shortcuts)
  • PTICM-10011 - If there's an error when calling another end point using this.invokeEP(), the error message returned now includes the name of the end point that couldn't be reached (if, for example, it wasn't published). These improved messages are only returned for end points published on the serverlibrary and remotelibrary
  • PTICM-10064 - Using the article preview or WYSIWYG editors on the iCM enterprise URL now returns more meaningful error messages
  • PTICM-10070 - The performance of getHistory() has been improved if there is no matching history
  • PTICM-10077 - A new RetrySearchUpdate  Scheduled Tasks  has been added that will attempt to reprocess any failed search update gateway messages if content and the search collection become out of sync
  • PTICM-10094, PTICM-10095 - The links in "Article approval" and "Article/Media update due" emails now have properly encoded URLs
  • PTICM-10102 - In the Form Data Browser, any hidden fields on your form will now use the field's read-only label, or the field name, as the column header
  • PTICM-10110 -  listDigests() now returns the full specification of each digest
  • PTICM-10127 - The site user search collection now includes dynamic fields for prefusername and displayusername, improving the relevancy of the results in the site user search in iCM


  • PTICM-9957 - We've changed some of the error handling in forms so that double submission warnings are displayed rather than the form session being terminated. The terminated session behaviour could be triggered if a user saved a form session, then had the same form session open in two browser tabs at the same time
  • PTICM-10086 - Workflow task chaining of forms now works for forms displayed within iCM (eg form shortcuts or picking up workflow tasks form the iCM desktop)
  • PTICM-10100 - Transient locks for Field Type Skeletons can now be cleared from the Locked Items section of iCM
  • PTICM-10114 - We've improved the memory usage of the Authentication worker
  • PTICM-10130 - Clearing the value of the text area form field now resets the character count
  • PTICM-10154 - We've fixed a bug which meant that in Firefox, some elements of the process modeller didn't load properly
Last modified on 23 August 2023

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