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Released 16/11/2023

New Features

  • PTICM-9697 and PTICM-10215 - The  Date Picker field type has been rewritten to use the HTML5 "date" type. This improves its accessibility, allows it to work without JavaScript enabled, and means the browser will supply a pop-up calendar. The  Date Range  field has been deprecated (although will continue to work in existing forms) because it has accessibility issues and this new date picker can be used instead
  • PTICM-10174 - The page mode functionality first introduced for repeating pages has now been added to non-repeating pages. This means a page that already exists in the form session can be navigated to in "edit mode" and updated. The  Wizard Buttons  are aware of the page mode, and now provide update and cancel buttons, which save any changes and navigate you back to the page you came from - which will be particularly useful when building "check your answers" pages. See  Page Modes for a full description and links to more information
  • PTICM-10222 - The NLPGAddressDB postcode provider now queries and returns the administrative area field. The next platform release will make this available to our hosted address lookup service


  • PTICM-7301 and PTICM-10235 - We've made changes to the Workflow worker to improve performance. These include more performant querying and a new two minute timeout to prevent long running requests
  • PTICM-7378 - When you delete a deployed process in the workflow modeller, the option to keep any running or historic instances has been removed. Now when you delete a process, its instances are always deleted too
  • PTICM-9019 - The deduplication services provided by the Machine Learning worker (used with Assisted Service and user registrations) now won't perform a search without a filter. This prevents possible long running requests when searching against large numbers of users
  • PTICM-9194 - The purge process instances scheduled task has been updated to work asynchronously. Any errors the task encountered are also logged to history (the task history has "labela":"Workflow")
  • PTICM-9691 - We've improved the error handling in the example LDAP scripts (found in the custom folder) used for iCM single sign-on. Now if any errors are encountered, changes are rolled back
  • PTICM-9919 -   .getCurrentFieldName  and  .getCurrentFieldID  have been added to provide easier access to the name and ID of the current field in your form functions. You can also find new  Form Field Blocks  for them
  • PTICM-9964 - If you use  .getSiteVariable  on a form in iCM (eg in an iCM Form App) SITEUSERID, SITEUSERNAME now return the name of the current iCM user's first site user alias. SITEUSERALIASES has been added to return all aliases
  • PTICM-10098 - History digests are now more performant and operate in a non-blocking way
  • PTICM-10167 - The quick help for the articles "Stylesheet" setting has been updated advising that it should be left empty
  • PTICM-10171 - The  Wizard Buttons - Repeating Pages  update button now has a tick rather than a refresh icon
  • PTICM-10195 - The MyGovScot IdP metadata has been updated with the latest from the Improvement Service
  • PTICM-10212 - The  Date Input field type now lets you use the Range and Before/After settings together. That means you can set a range of "future" and valid future dates will apply within your before/after dates
  • PTICM-10229 - A clockSkew parameter has been added to the  ADFS  authentication provider to allow for discrepancies between clocks on local and remote servers
  • PTICM-10236 - A new getdetails parameter has been added to  listDigests()  which defaults to false. If true then the full digest specification (including scheduling information) is returned
  • PTICM-10238 - The digestHistories()  method now automatically updates the started and finished scheduling parameters
  • PTICM-10249 - Importing forms and end points as part of content imports should now be faster


  • PTICM-9960 - Form button processing has been updated so only actions for the buttons presented on the form are processed
  • PTICM-10134 - We've fixed "Invalid cookie header" warnings that could be generated by the Authentication and Form Util workers
  • PTICM-10164 - If any errors occur when loading subsite configuration, you are now returned to the iCM homepage to guard against settings being overwritten
  • PTICM-10177 - We've fixed an incorrect "aria-describedby" attribute on the text area field
  • PTICM-10234 - Option data looked up from a custom data source was failing to load due to an incompatible driver class
Last modified on 16 November 2023

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