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Standardised Site iCM4j 16.0.1128

Breaking Changes

iCM4j 27.18.1301

This release updates the JavaScript compiler used by the framework. While the update itself is not breaking, we have found a couple of instances where there was a knock-on effect.

If you have added custom JavaScript to your site via your subsite configuration you should check that everything works as it did before this upgrade.

The instances where we have seen problems have both been caused by undeclared variables. If your JavaScript is well written, we don't foresee any problems.

Capita SCP Multi Item Payment Field 10.1.47

The "Dynamic item list" now supports "merchantCode" and "locationCode".

Cruise Theme 12.11.155

The Cruise theme was missing the ability to show custom views of related articles. This meant that related articles using the Contact template never displayed the full details of the contact, just a link to the article.

iCM4j 27.17.1298

An accessibility fix for the Search template. In the "refine your results" section you can now tab to the options when the browser is zoomed above 175%.

Task Management 1.0.29

We've fixed the paging navigation.

Last modified: 2 February 2024 13:10
Last modified on 02 February 2024

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