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Standardised Site iCM4j 9.0.530

A change to the way names are displayed in the Assisted Service interaction forms and improvements to the Data Exporter if you use SFTP.

Standardised Site iCM4j 9.0.523

In this release we're removing the "five recent requests" feature from Assisted Service, have lots of performance and efficiency improvements in Case Management, plus a new version of the boilerplate case task process, and a new cache to improve the dual language behaviour.

Standardised Site iCM4j 8.0.511

This release includes styling fixes for the cookie banner, Assisted Service, and the Chill and Command themes. It also has fixes for the Data Retention Manager and improves how data retention policies are applied to Case Management data.

Standardised Site iCM4j 8.0.494

This release improves the framework cookie banner, fixes an accessibility issue in the Search template, and has a minor styling fix for the Task Management template.

Standardised Site iCM4j 8.0.487

This release includes fixes for case sensitive group names in Case Management and duplicate appointments in the Slot Booking templates used by Diary Planner. It also tidies up and standardises the markup used by the alert component and highlight box inline.

Standardised Site iCM4j 8.0.474

This release includes a schedule to run the Case Management utility end point from the previous release and some markup fixes for external link inlines in the article editor.

Standardised Site iCM4j 8.0.465

Assisted Service performance improvements and a utility for closing old interactions, the latest payment fields have been added to Bookings, Case Management gets an API fix and a new data retention end point to make sure all relevant histories are deleted, the Calendar template now has some missing ARIA properties, and content import folders are restructured in a range of products.

Standardised Site iCM4j 8.0.437

This release includes fixes for Assisted Service, Bookings, Contact template and the Cruise theme. There's a potential breaking change if you use the Dynamic theme. We've also added a few improvements to the forms used by the Bookings product.

Standardised Site iCM4j 7.0.419

A single fix for character encoding in Case Management.

Standardised Site iCM4j 7.0.415

Improvements to the Data Exporter and site logout.

Standardised Site iCM4j 7.0.404

Fixes for the Panel template, Google Analytics form field and WYSIWYG article editor.

Standardised Site iCM4j 7.0.396

The latest versions of Case Management, Assisted Service, Task Management, Events and the iCM4j framework.

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