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Standardised Site iCM.NET 11.7.54

Breaking Changes


Bookings 1.9.202

Booking plugin forms can now use repeating pages and the plugin data will be displayed correctly in the manifest form.

iCM.NET Framework (Theme) 25.7.466

This release includes the latest core resources (25.4.991) which:

  • Fixes image inlines overlapping alert inlines when the image is floated to the left or right
  • When multiple image inlines are placed on the same row in the article editor and all floated to the left or right, the images all float together and remain on the same line, rather than stacking
  • Fixes the alignment of card headings
  • Improves the layout of the paging component on mobiles
  • Fixes horizontal scrolling on mobiles when external links are placed in a table
  • Fixes keyboard navigation for drop-down fields when typeahead is enabled
  • Fixes an accessibility issue with the IMAGEMEDIA handlebars helper that caused horizontal scrolling
  • The disclosure component now has a hidden accessibility show/hide span. This can be set as visible using a site skin, which will match the GDS implementation

iCM.NET Framework (CS Objects) 25.6.45

Includes a single fix for links using the tel: prefix, which were incorrectly being output as http://tel:01234123456

Last modified: 22 September 2023 11:53
Last modified on 22 September 2023

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