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Standardised Site iCM.NET 11.7.55

Breaking Changes


iCM.NET Framework

This release includes the following components:

  • apiserver 1.16.43
  • icmdotnet.csobjects 25.6.46
  • icmdotnet.mvc 25.7.477
  • chill 14.10.58

There's no change in behaviour or functionality. The Newtonsoft JSON library has been updated, and the dependency removed from the Chill theme.

Panel Template 4.3.61

The minColWidth for items in list panels has been updated to match the behaviour of the List template. This fixes a clash that occurred when the panel was used in the Cruise theme, which resulted in the panel only ever displaying items in two columns.

User Requests 13.7.47

There's no change in behaviour or functionality in this release. The deprecated resizeBlock() has been removed from the JavaScript bundle and framework resizing function used instead.

Last modified: 6 October 2023 12:46
Last modified on 06 October 2023

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