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Standardised Site iCM.NET 13.13.0

Breaking Changes

iCM.NET Framework

This includes:

  • icmdotnet.caching 27.6.5
  • icmdotnet.mvc 27.8.455

This release updates the JavaScript compiler used by the framework. While we don't expect there to be any adverse effects (we haven't found any) we're highlighting it as breaking and if you have added custom JavaScript to your site via your subsite configuration you should check that everything works as it did before this change.

We've also improved the decaching of media items.

Capita SCP Multi Item Payment Field 10.1.55

This is a fix for last week's release. We found that the request to Capita would fail if the new "merchantCode" property wasn't set. The payment field now works with or without this property, so is fully backwards compatible with previous versions.

Case Management 1.39.1833 and Case Management Complaints 1.39.128

This release:

  • Increases the character limit for case history notes to 6,000
  • Adds the case open and closed dates to the "enquiry view" of a case (ie the details view displayed from links in search results and elsewhere where the case isn't accessed directly from Self Service)
  • Fixes an error when cancelling a task built from the "multipurpose" task snippets
  • Updates the dashboards so context variables aren't accessed directly

iCM.NET Framework (Theme) 27.7.478

The latest version of the framework core resources 27.4.1431 which adds an internationalisation token for a generic error message (which will be used in a future iCM forms release) and fixes some overlapping text with checkboxes in forms on a mobile.

User Registration Form

This framework release has a new version of the CITIZENSIMPLESIGNUPEXAMPLE registration form. We found that the uniqueness checking for email addresses wasn't thorough enough, so users could create duplicate accounts if they first logged in with a third party provider, then registered again using the form (the checking worked fine if a user's first registration was via the form, ie they had an existing user of the icmsiteuser type).

If you are using this registration form, it will be updated automatically to the fixed version. If you have taken a copy of it, you can apply the fix manually to your own version by:

  • Find the "Next" button on the VALIDATE page
  • Open the Next Function
  • Replace the existing function with:

    function(helper, defaultPage, sessionData) {
        if (helper.queryFieldValue('VALIDATE', 'PIN') == helper.getVariable('PIN')) {
            // The PIN is correct, where next?
            const requestParams = {
                "email": helper.queryFieldValue("EMAIL"),
                "subsiteId": helper.getSiteVariable("SUBSITEID")
            const result = helper.utilServerAPIServerCall("serverlibrary", "", requestParams);
            if (result.success && !result.exists) {
                // An account doesn't exist, allow the user to continue to
                // the profile page
                return "PROFILE";
            // An account already exists, they've validated ownership
            // of the email address so we can tell them this fact
            return "USEREXISTS";
        // The user got the PIN wrong
        return helper.getPageName();

Self Service 13.8.50

We've fixed a bug that allowed the URL of a Self Service article to be manipulated to display a history record the logged in user wouldn't normally be able to view.

Solutions API 2.6.57

Adds the end point used in the registration form above.

User Requests 13.7.49

We've fixed a bug that allowed the URL of a User Requests article to be manipulated to display a process the logged in user wouldn't normally be able to view.

Last modified: 12 February 2024 11:21
Last modified on 12 February 2024

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