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Standardised Site iCM.NET 14.0.0

Breaking Changes

Data Retention Manager 2.0.189

This release of the Data Retention Manager (DRM) is backward compatible with version 1, so not strictly breaking, but brings in new features and significant changes to the behaviour of the product.

For the full updated documentation, see Data Retention Manager. In summary:

  • The DRM can now delete completed workflow process instances
  • History records that relate to active process instances (ie labelb matches the business key) are never deleted
  • The deletion date of histories that relate to process instances are calculated from the end date of that instance
  • Where a history does not relate to a process instance (either because it was written by something else, or the process instance has already been deleted) you can choose whether the created or last updated date of the history is used to calculate the deletion date
  • You can choose whether a schedule should only delete sealed histories, or sealed and unsealed histories
  • When you create a schedule you can now target a {DEFAULT} set of labelc values, which will delete labelc values of null, "notes", "email" and "attachments"
  • When picking labelc values, there's now a drop-down of existing values to pick from rather than a text box (there is also a text box to enter additional values which may not exist yet)

After the Upgrade

When the DRM is updated to this release there will be a change in behaviour:

  • Histories that relate to workflow process instances will now use the end date of the process instance to calculate their deletion date - previously the created date of the history was used. This will mean you are keeping some history records for longer than you were previously
  • Schedules created in version 1 will continue to work, but will display a warning message. The new features have the following defaults, matching previous behaviour:
    • Retention period is based on history create date
    • Both sealed and unsealed histories are deleted
    • Process instances are not deleted
  • If you update a schedule created in version 1 to use the {DEFAULT} set of labelc values, you'll need to delete your old schedule because picking {DEFAULT} will create a new schedule rather than update the existing one

Bookings 1.10.292

This release improves the performance of Bookings when looking up locations, and fixes a bug that meant calendar files were being included in confirmation emails even when they weren't configured to be.

iCM.NET Framework (Theme) 29.7.485

This release includes the latest core resources and has the following fixes and improvements:

  • We've improved the markup of the paging component, removing an unnecessary <fieldset> element
  • The "Powered by GOSS" link in site footers has had it's minimum height increased to 30px to improve accessibility
  • The line height of the breadcrumb has been increased to 2 to improve accessibility
  • If a form field had a prefix or suffix the highlight was obscured
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Last modified on 22 March 2024

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