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Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.3.37

This release includes a fix for the Comms Template Manager and some styling improvements to the Search template.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.3.36

This release has fixes for the Dynamic theme and Find My Nearest product.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.3.35

This release includes fixes for removing items from the Payment Basket, the styling of the Event Search template, searching for users in Assisted Service, and for the Comms Template Manager when it had a large number of templates. It also makes the previous release of the Data Exporter backwards compatible with older versions and has a new way of storing plugin data in Bookings.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.3.34

This release has a minor fixes for the CSS of the Impact theme, cookie banner and search suggestions, plus performance and error logging improvements for session timeouts and the My Account template.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.2.31

Bookings gets a fix for sending an email to an individual booker and an update to the latest payment fields. The Cruise theme has a fix for the Redirect template.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.2.30

This release has styling fixes for the Dynamic theme and Event Search templates, two new panels for the Panel template, and adds the Room Bookings Search template to the deployment package.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.1.29

We've got some styling fixes for the Impact and Dynamic themes, removed some whitespace from the Search facets, and a fix for Case Management if you used the "refresh" button.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.1.28

This release has two fixes for Case Management, which make sure process variables are available to task email templates and that notifications are correctly sent when a case is updated.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.1.27

This release has fixes for the Case Management search and worklist dashboard, and a fix for media type facets in the Search template.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.1.26

A change to the way names are displayed in the Assisted Service interaction forms, improvements to the Data Exporter if you use SFTP, and a single fix for User Requests.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 8.0.25

In this release we're removing the "five recent requests" feature from Assisted Service, fixing an error in the Dynamic theme, and have lots of performance and efficiency improvements in Case Management, plus a new version of the boilerplate case task process.

Standardised Site iCM.NET 7.0.24

This release includes styling fixes for the cookie banner, Assisted Service, and the Chill and Command themes. It also has fixes for the Data Retention Manager and improves how data retention policies are applied to Case Management data.

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