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Bookings is a framework that can be used to manage events, locations, appointments and rooms. It has a comprehensive search, event and appointment calendars, the ability to create tickets and packages of tickets, discount schemes, and a booking reminder system.

This documentation describes the core booking engine and all of the functionality it provides, the various templates you can use to display events and appointments on your site, the dashboards and reporting you can generate, and all of the administration and technical features of the product.


The Events side of Bookings can be used to create a wide range of public, private or community events. It works with a set of templates that let you set up locations, calendars and map-based searches.

Diary Planner for Appointment Booking

Diary Planner provides a calendar and appointment booking system. It includes four article templates, workflow process models, templates for the Comms Manager, and a set of End Points that act as an API into the booking engine.

Room Bookings

Room Bookings is a complete room management and booking system delivered via your website.


The Registrars module is used with the Slot Booking templates. It allows users to make registrar-based bookings and appointments.

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