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Case Search

You can search for cases using a range of filters and keywords. The results are displayed in a list or map, and provide links to view and manage the case.

Search Data

The data returned by the search is taken from workflow process instances that have been indexed by the platform's search engine.

If you want values submitted by the forms used to start cases (and the process variables they create) to be searchable, set the fields as searchable in your forms that raise cases:

Searchable Property

This will let you create custom filters based on these fields, display the values in search results, and add them to the keyword search.

You won't be able to search for a case once its closed process instance has been deleted. Case process instance data can be deleted either by a data retention policy (see Deleting Case Management Records) or by the PurgeProcessInstance scheduled task, which, by default, deletes closed instances after a year.

Case Search Form and Filters

The Case Search article lets you control which cases are searched, how the search behaves, and build custom filters to use on the search form.

Case Search Results

Case Search results can appear in a list or map, and the article extras let you control the information each result displays. Results also provide links to view details and manage cases.

Case Search Configuration

Case Search uses a single configuration end point which provides options that can be used in your custom filters.

Case Search Video Guides

Two videos showing how to set up and customise the Case Search.

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