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Form Fields

The following articles describe all of the fields available in the standard DEFAULTV2 form family.

Common Field Properties

The following properties are common to many of the fields you'll find in the forms designer. This article expands upon the core information found in the documentation for each field.

Tokens in Form Fields

Many fields can use the values of other fields in your form using tokens that get substituted when the form is processed.

Error Message Functions

Error message functions let you customise the validation error messages that are displayed to the person filling out your form.

Action Fields

Action fields are triggered when the page of a form is submitted, including when a user navigates between pages. They send emails, save data, start workflows and include a range of payment providers.

Button Fields

Buttons navigate a user through your form. Some buttons, like Save and Script, allow you to access more advanced features.

Display Fields

The display fields range from simple guidance text that can be added to your forms, to graphs, charts and advanced templating using Handlebars.

iCM Extra Fields

These fields can only be used by forms published in iCM. You'll see them in article extras and subsite configuration.

Input Fields

Input fields allow a user to enter information into your form. They include text inputs, radio groups, checkboxes, file uploads and location based inputs.

Layout Fields

Layout fields are containers that hold other fields, arranging them either horizontally or vertically. Most input fields must be placed inside a layout.

Miscellaneous Fields

The miscellaneous fields extend the core fields. They can load a user's profile, set and get helper variables, and implement custom validation.

Payment Fields

Payment fields are form action fields that direct a user to a third party payment provider. Users are then redirected back to your site with a status code indicating whether the payment was successful or not.

Site Template Fields

These fields have specific uses related to certain site templates. They should not generally be used outside of these templates.

Deprecated Fields

These fields have all been replaced with newer versions, but are supported for legacy forms. You should consider updating any of your forms that are using them.

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