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Form Tutorials

These tutorials guide you from creating your very first form all the way through to the advanced features and functions of the platform.

Each exercise builds on the previous one, but there's no need to follow them in order. Setup instructions include sample forms you can download as a starting point and build upon as you work through each topic.

The job of writing these tutorials has only just started, and many more will be added over time.

Creating your First Form

Getting started with the Forms designer. If you have never built a form before, start here.

Multipage Forms and Navigation

Create a form with multiple pages, add navigation buttons and back links, and display a summary on the final page.

Using the Script Editor - Showing and Hiding Form Fields

Add interactive elements to your form using the Blockly script editor.

Multipage Forms and Branching

Learn how to create branching forms with decision points and optional pages.

Summaries - Check Answers Page

Display a summary of a form with edit buttons.

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