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Creating and Managing Content


The Article Library is where you create and organise the pages that appear on your site.


The Events Library lets you create and organise iCM events. As of 2017 iCM events are a legacy product only used by older versions of the Calendar Template.


Features allow articles to be grouped together and used around your site.


The Forums Library lets you create and organise forums.


The Links Library lets you manage all of the external links used on your site


The iCM Media Library holds all of the media items, images and downloads used by your site


iCM metadata is used to link content together and add functionality to some template types.


iCM polls let you create quick questionnaires that can be displayed on most articles.

Creating Accessible Content

GOSS iCM is designed to create content that meets accessibility requirements. It includes a number of built-in defaults, content restrictions and validation services.

Embedding Content from Other Sites

Embedding content from other sites may allow those sites to set cookies. This article provides some guidance on blocking those third party cookies.

Search and Replace in iCM

This article describes the standard iCM search behaviour for articles, forms, end points, media, forum messages, metadata values, objects, and site users.

Version Differences

The Version Differences window lets you see how content has changed between versions.

Content Property Reference

This articles lists all of the editable properties of the main content items in iCM. You'll also find the corresponding property name in the API (not everything returned by the API is included), a brief description, and links into the full documentation.

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