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The iCM Media Library holds all of the media items, images and downloads used by your site.

iCM organises media items into groups which can contain any media items of any type - it's up to you how you organise things. The security you add to groups controls who has access to the media items within them.

Every media item has a unique ID, and will be of a type defined by an iCM administrator who can set up media types using media definitions.

Access to the media library is controlled a user's Content Privileges.

In this Section

Media Groups

Creating and editing media groups.

Create, Edit and Delete Media Items

How to create images, documents and videos in the iCM Media Library.

Using the iCM Image Editor

How to crop, resize, edit and create different variants and image components.

Bulk Upload and Editing Media

The bulk media upload tool lets you create multiple media items at once, or edit several items at the same time.

Locking Media Items

Media items can be locked, preventing other users from updating or deleting them.

Searching For and Replacing Media

Find out about search and replace when working on iCM media items.

Media Version History

Version history can be used to view recent changes and to restore previous or deleted versions of a media item.

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