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Enabling the External Content Search

iCM has the ability to search for external content using either Bing or Google and then import that content into the iCM Media Library.


The search providers are configured in two files located in: ROOT\icm\custom\externalcontentsearch\. This location is often accessible via the iCM File Manager.

  • linksearch.ini.cfm contains the configuration for locating links to external sites
  • mediasearch.ini.cfm contains the configuration for locating and importing images

The two name/value pairs that will need to be edited are:

enabledtrue or false
keyyour unique key provided by Bing or Google


If you wish to make use of this feature you must register with either Google or Bing and obtain your own API key.



Importing Content

You can search for content using the "Search" section of the related content tab in the article editor. Search results from either Bing or Google will appear alongside the items found in iCM.

Content is imported into the media and link groups set up in your Content Settings.

Possible Problems

The most common errors generated by the external content search and importer are generated when you fail to provide your own API key.

The example files include the GOSS API key. If you don't update this, or turn off the content search, you see the warning "access key owned by GOSS Interactive". This may be accompanied by the message "You may need to purchase a larger monthly quota".

If you haven't set up the groups into which content should be imported, you'll see the message "External items cannot be imported. Missing type/group settings".

Last modified on 11 March 2020

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