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Contribute lets logged-in website users create content on your site. It presents users with a form which can be used to create articles and media items. These articles could represent events, business listings, items for sale, notices, or blog posts, depending upon the other products you have installed.

The articles created can be configured to use any available template type, with the fields of the contribute form mapped to your article heading, introductory, summary and body text, as well as more advanced components like the values of article extras and related content.

Contributed media can be of any type. Configuration settings control where it will be created, how media groups are organised, and the type of item created, matching the media definitions already present in your iCM installation.

A system of approvals is built into Contribute, giving your content teams the ability to review content before it goes live.

Contribute can also work with the Self Service and User Requests templates, allowing users to update, archive and copy their submissions, and can be extended to include any number of other interactions.

Standard Behaviour

Creating, updating and approving content.

Installation and Configuration

Contribute uses forms and End Points to control and manage the content that gets created.

Contributing Events

A description of the Events version of Contribute.

Contributing Services

A description of the Service Directory version of Contribute.

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