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Contributing Services

Contributing Services to the Service Directory includes all of the functionality described in the Standard Behaviour set of articles. The following features have also been added and may need to be configured.

Service Location

The first page of the Contribute Service form lets a user pick the location that hosts their service. This drop-down lists all articles using the Location template found under all of the content roots (rootArticleIds) set in  the Contribute Location End Point Configuration. Only articles that the current website user has permission to view will be included in the list.

If a user picks a location from the drop-down, the next page of the form will be populated with the address details of that location. The Service article will be created beneath the chosen location. If they tick "not in the list" the fields on the next page will be blank. The Service article will be created beneath the rootArticleID in the Contribute Service configuration End Point. Either way the address fields can be edited, which has no impact on the actual Location article.

All of the fields on the address page are eventually saved to the article extras of the Service template via a mapping in the Contribute Service configuration End Point.

Service Information

The remainder of the form lets a user enter details about the service.

Opening Times and Notes

The opening times of the service appear in a table one the final article (see the Service template documentation for a full description). If you don't enter times for a day, the text "Closed" appears instead. If you don't enter any times at all the opening times table is hidden.

A drop-down of common times can be used to populate the opening time fields of each day,

The "Notes" field is output beneath the opening times.

Contact Information

All of the fields on this page are optional. They are mapped to fields in the Service template article extras and are output at the top of the Service article.


Categories are used by the Service Directory Search. A user completing this contribute form should pick the categories that are relevant to their service. The categories available to be picked are taken from the metadata group set in the Contribute Service configuration End Point - every metadata value beneath the set group appears as a checkbox and the checkboxes are grouped by property.

For example, the ID of this "Service Directory" group has been added to the configuration:

Service Directory Metadata

Which has generated the following categories on the form:

Service Directory Categories

Last modified on 07 January 2022

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