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Fostering Hub

The Fostering Hub is designed to act as a single point of contact for fostering applicants. It handles the enquiries, initial contact, expressions of interest, and referrals on to local authorities.

Enquiries are made via the public Fostering Hub website by completing the enquiry form. This raises a fostering case in Case Management, which can then be handled by the fostering hub team. As well as each fostering case recording the details of an enquiry, the hub handles notifications and reminders, displays lists of cases awaiting contact, gives an overview of the cases with each team member, allows cases to be reassigned, has a comprehensive search to find active and closed cases, and includes a range of dashboards for reporting.

This document describes an installation of Case Management set up to handle fostering enquiries. It does not cover the full Case Management functionality or provide full technical detail. For further Case Management documentation, see Case Management.

Making Enquiries

Enquiries are made by completing a form on the Fostering Hub website. This can be filled out by a member of the public or staff user.

Handling Enquiries

These articles describe how enquiries are worked on, including the initial contact, expressions of interest, and referrals to local authorities.

Reallocating Cases and Viewing Workload

The Case Overview article uses the Task Management template and can be used to see the tasks assigned to users and to reallocate them.

Local Authority Updates and CSV Exporter

Local authorities can provide a CSV of updates which is uploaded into the platform and will update relevant cases.

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