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End Point Groups - Namespaces

iCM organises end points into groups. These groups allow end points to be restricted to certain iCM users within iCM, based upon their user privileges.

Unlike other content types, the group structure an end point is in also makes up part of its namespace when you call it. See the Naming and Documenting an End Point article for more information.

The <DEFAULT> end point group is used for backwards compatibility with end points developed prior to iCM, where end point groups and namespaces didn't exist. It cannot be modified or deleted, and any end points that reside within it should be called without an initial "default" namespace prefix.

Do not create new end points in this group. It should only be used as a holding group for old-style end points imported into iCM.

Creating and Editing Groups

To create a new group, right-click on an existing group, or the root END POINTS group, and select "Create a group". To edit an existing group, double-click on it.

Group Properties

NameThe name of the group, visible in the iCM explorer menu and in the names of the end points in this group
Parent groupThe parent of this group. Use the "Select" button to choose a new parent

Deleting a Group

To delete a group, right-click on it and select "Delete this group". Deleting a group will delete all of the groups and end points within it.

You can restore deleted groups using version history.

Publishing End Points in a Group

It is possible to bulk publish all of the end points in a group. This is particularly useful if a large number of new end points have been imported.

Right-click on a group and choose "Publish end points under group" or "Publish end points under group for production" to publish all of the end points.

When end points are published from their group, the version history of each will be updated with a comment similar to: "Published as a result of all end points under the group xxxxx having been published"

See Publishing End Points for more information.

Last modified on July 31, 2023

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