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Publishing End Points

End points exist in one of three states - published, work in progress, and unpublished.

Publishing End Points

An end point must be published before it can be used.

To publish the end point you are working on, click "Save/publish this end point" in the action panel.

You will be prompted to add a comment for version history, if enabled. iCM will then save your work, close the editor, and publish the end point.

Publish and Continue

The "Save/publish this end point and continue" action is designed to be used while an end point is in development. You can still add version history notes, but the editor will stay open, providing a quick way to make your changes live ready to be tested.

Publishing End Points for Production

When publishing end points from the explorer (right-clicking on either and end point or a group), you'll see an action that lets you "publish for production".

Publishing for production turns off end point development mode and disables any additional tracing that has been turned on. This should always be done to improve performance once your development is finished.

See End Point Target Information for a look at development mode and tracing.

Work In Progress End Points

If you are making changes to an end point, saving as work in progress lets you periodically save your work.

When you save an end point as work in progress, entries in the version history are not created. If you want to create a version that can be rolled-back to, you will need to publish the end point.

Saving as work in progress has no impact on the published end point.

If you save as work in progress, the "Show unpublished differences" action can be used to see all of the differences between your current work and the last published version of the end point.

Unpublishing End Points

To unpublish an end point, right-click on it and select "Unpublish this end point".

Unpublished end points are removed form the API Server and can no longer be accessed.

Version History

Version history is saved (and comments can be added) when you publish an end point.

If an end point is in "development mode" and development mode version history is disabled, a version history entry will not be written when you publish your End point.

See End Point Version History for more information.

Viewing Published End Points

Sometimes it is useful to view a published end point, rather than the latest version in the editor, which may have had additional work done (but not yet been published).

You can right-click on any end point and select "View published end point" to see the end point in its current published state.

Last modified on July 31, 2023

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