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End Point Library Search

The end point library home page has a search bar in the top right corner which lets you carry out a quick search of all end point content. You can enter a word or ID and press the enter key or click the search icon.

If you know the ID of the end point you are looking for, clicking the "ID only" checkbox will only search for IDs.

Alternatively, the end point action panel has a link to "Search for end points" which pretty much takes you to the same place (it's the results page, but has zero results because you haven't search for anything yet).

Once you've carried out a search you'll see a list of the end points whose ID and/or text match your search. The search in iCM will look at the end point name, namespace, fully qualified name (with version number), description and all of the content within the end point, including the JavaScript function, documentation, parameters/return schema JSON, and saved test JSON.

The search results page also contains a list of filters.

By default, all end points will be returned in the search. Filters are enabled by checking the checkbox next to them. Some filters can be used with an accompanying drop-down option which lets you explicitly exclude items.

For example, checking AJAXLIBRARY will enable it as a filter. Selecting "Yes" will only return end points that are deployed to the AJAXLIBRARY, selecting "No" will exclude end points that are deployed to the AJAXLIBRARY. This extra filtering exists because an end point could be deployed to multiple libraries, or none at all.

For more information about searching and replacing in iCM, including search operators, using brackets and quotes, and case sensitivity, see Search and Replace in iCM.

Working with the Results

Right-click on an end point in the search results to see a list of actions you can carry out. The menu includes the same actions as when you right-click on an end point in the explorer menu.

The action panel of the results page includes two publishing options, "Publish listed end points" and "Publish listed end points for production". These actions will publish all of the end points listed in the results. There may be others that match the search criteria, but won't be published, because only fifty results can be displayed at once.

The action panel has "Copy", "Edit" and "Delete" actions which will load the displayed search results into the Grid Editor.

Last modified on July 31, 2023

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