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Form Data Browser

The Form Data Browser lets you view and edit data that has been saved by form submissions that include the  Database Save Action  field.

Form Data Browser

Access to saved data is given to users via their  iCM Privileges . You can also grant access  while you are designing a form .

The forms used to interact with saved data are organised into the same groups used in the Forms Library. Saved data is grouped by year, month and day (and sometimes hours and minutes if there's lots of data) beneath each form.

Saving form data using this method is only one way to store data in the platform. Most products use the platform's  History Service .

Form Data Overview

A technical overview of saved form data and the forms that interact with it.

Working with Form Data

The Form Data Browser lets you view and interact with form submissions that have been saved to iCM.

Searching for Form Data

The Form Data Search is the main tool you'll use to interact with form data.

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