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Case Management - Getting Started

What is a case? Who are your users? How are cases raised and assigned? These articles provide an overview of Case Management and link to more detailed documentation.


Case Management lets users raise cases via your customer portal, which can be tracked and updated while they are open.

Staff users manage cases, carry out tasks, contact the user who raised the case, and close the case when it's resolved.

Case Management Overview

Quick Guide

Can't find what you are looking for? This guide should get you started in the right direction.

What is a Case?

A case is a request raised by a user. It might be a complaint, an FOI request, a fly-tipping report, a licence application or anything else you need to track and process.

User Roles

Case Management has three broad roles and five categories of users that website user groups fall under.

Raising and Tracking a Case

Users raise cases by submitting forms. They can then track their case via their account.

Assigning and Claiming Cases

How cases are assigned and claimed, and how they appear in the Self Service template.

Case Timeline and Configuration Options

This article looks at a typical case and lists the configuration options available at each point in its timeline.

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