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Case Management Dashboards

Case Management includes the following dashboards which allow you to report on active and closed cases, compare time periods, and get an overview of current workload.

Active Cases Dashboard

An overview of current cases, their age, and those that have breached SLA.

Closure Details Dashboard

Compare the cases closed in two time periods and report on the number closed, the average duration and those that breached SLA.

Date Range Summary

This dashboard lets you select a date range, then reports on cases opened, closed, outstanding and those that breached SLA.

This Period vs Last

An overview of cases raised, closed, time taken to resolve and number that breached SLA compared between two reporting periods.

Worklist Dashboard

The Case Management Worklist Dashboard displays cases on a map. The list of cases can be manually ordered, creating a route in which to carry them out.

Setting Up the Case Management Dashboards

Each dashboard form can be used multiple times and configured to report on different case types.

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