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Active Cases Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of current cases, their age, and those that have breached SLA. The case types displayed by the dashboard are selected in the controls.


Use the checkboxes to select the cases that should appear on the dashboards. The options that appear in the controls are set via metadata values related to the dashboard article. See Setting Up the Case Management Dashboards.


Active Case Count

"Cases currently open" is the total number of open cases (whatever state or status they have) for the types selected in the controls.

If any cases have breached their SLA, a count of these is also displayed.

Open Cases

Open Cases

This stacked horizontal bar graph displays a count of open cases per case type. Each bar counts the cases within, and those that have breached, SLA.

The button "View case SLA details" drills down into the open cases and displays those that have breached SLA in a table with links to view the case details.

Breached SLA Details

Following the "View case" link will prompt the user to log in before they can see the case details. Users will need to be in the relevant Case Monitor (Enquiry) user group for the case type. The view displays the same information as viewing the case details from search results.

The data in the table can also be exported as a CSV.


New, Closed and Outstanding Cases

Each bar in this graph represents one of the previous seven days. The stacked bars count the number of cases raised, closed and outstanding on each day.

In the example above, there were 13 cases on 03/07/2022 outstanding from previous days. On 04/07/2022 four cases were closed (green), resulting in nine outstanding, however, six new cases (blue) were raised.

Open vs Open Date

Open vs Open Date

This graph only considers open cases. Cases are displayed by their age. Each date range bracket counts the number of open cases by case type.

The button "View open case details" displays the open cases in a table with links to view the case details. As with the table of cases that have breached SLA, users will need to be in relevant security groups before they can view a case.

The data in the table can also be exported as a CSV.

Assisted Service vs Self Service

Open Cases Assisted vs Self

This graph displays a count of open cases, broken down into those that were raised by a user using the Assisted Service template and those that were not.

Last modified on October 03, 2022

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