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Setting Up the Case Management Dashboards

Each dashboard is a form. All dashboards let you filter by case type in the same way.

Which Forms?

The latest versions of the dashboards are all found in the "v2" group:

Dashboard Forms

Forms in the "v1 dashboards" group should not be used - they have been deprecated for performance reasons.

Form Articles and Metadata

Create an article using the Forms Service template and relate a dashboard form to it.

The controls on the dashboards include checkboxes for the case types they are configured to report on. Selecting a checkbox includes that case type on the dashboard. The checkboxes that appear on the dashboard match metadata values related to the dashboard's Forms Service article. For example, this dashboard will report on four case types:

Dashboard Controls

Because the article has the following metadata values related to it:

Dashboard Metadata

Creating the Metadata

When you create the configuration for a new case type, corresponding metadata is automatically created in iCM for you to use in your dashboards. For example:

Dashboard Metadata Value

Matches this field in the case configuration manager:

Case Name

Last modified on September 22, 2022

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