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Assisted Service

The Assisted Service template lets one user act on behalf of another, helping them to engage with services and complete tasks on your website.


The site login article uses the Authentication template. It lets users log into the site, either with an account they have created or with a third party provider.


The Blog template displays blog article content, includes additional navigation and publishing details, and allows users to add comments.


The Classified template displays a gallery of images, information about the item being sold, and contact information for the seller.

Contact Directory

The Contact Directory displays information about the people and departments in your organisation. Content can be created manually or imported from other systems.

Cookie Policy Template and Banner

The cookie consent banner and Cookie Policy template let a user manage their cookie preferences when visiting your site.


The Default template displays standard page text, inlines and related asset panels. It can be used to produce a versatile web page that will hold the majority of a site's content.

Document and Document Section

The Document and Document Section templates are used together to create paged content with a table of contents and navigation buttons.

Find My Nearest

The Find My Nearest template displays geospatial data on a map. Users can search for a postcode and property or browse an area to return nearby results.

Forms Service

The Forms Service template is used by the site to display forms created using the iCM Forms Designer.


The List template displays a list of articles or media items, in a number of columns, on either a single page or across multiple pages.

My Account

The My Account template displays links to articles and forms, and allows a user to manage their account, logins and profile. It can also include links to any forms the user has saved to complete later.


The Panel template can be used by any theme to showcase full-width content in a range of styles and layouts.


Articles using the Redirect template are not designed to display page content of their own. The template redirects site users to the target content before the page itself displays.


The Search template lets users search for content on your site. It can generate suggestions while a user is typing, "search instead" should no results be found, and allow users to refine their results with facets.

Self Service and User Requests

These two templates display processes and tasks from the platforms workflow engine and history service.

Service Directory

The Service Directory includes the Service, Location and Search templates and can be set up to allow your website users to create and maintain their own listings.

Task Management

The Task Management template displays a list of workflow tasks and lets you assign them to users or return them to a claimable state.

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