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The Panel template can be used by any theme to showcase full-width content in a range of styles. The template displays other articles in a series of panels, making it a bit like the List template.

The content of each panel is provided by the articles related to the Panel template. Each related article uses metadata to control the type and style of panel it generates. Related articles generally use the Default template, but can also use the List to provide further links to content, or even the Search.

The Panel template has its own configuration section in your subsite settings, and comes installed with the standard metadata values and properties described below.

Page Title and Body Content

An article using the Panel template displays its title and introductory text at the top of the page. Page body content, including inline elements, appear in the same way as the Default template.

Related Articles

Articles related to the Panel template appear as full width panels below the body content.

Other Related Assets

If you relate other content to a Panel template, for example documents or feature groups, these will appear in the usual place for your theme. We don't generally recommend adding other content as it can create some strange layouts.

Article Extras

Articles picked in the article extras appear as full width panels above the body content. If an article is picked in the extras and added as related content, the article extras take precedence.

Default Panel Behaviour

Standard Default Related Article

When an article is related to the Panel template, the standard behaviour is for the related article to appear as a full width panel. The panel includes the related article's heading, followed by the article summary. If an article has a related image, it also appears in the panel.

A "See more" button beneath the summary acts as a link to the full article. You can customise the text on the button by relating metadata to your article from the "Call To Action Text" metadata property picked in the Configuration.

If the default article has a background image related to it, this image will appear as a background to the panel. The article text will have a suitable background colour to maintain text colour contrast.

Panel Types

Body Panels

Body panels behave in a similar way to standard article panels, but also display the full body text of the article providing the panel's content.

Carousel Panels

Create a panel that displays a carousel of articles with controls to scroll through them.

List Panels

Display a list of articles in a panel.

Parallax Panels

Parallax panels have a fixed background that panel items scroll over.

Search Panels

A panel article using the Search template displays a search box.

Squares Panels

The squares panel displays its article heading and summary in the same way as standard panels, followed by a series of squares, each of which is designed to display an image.

Tabs Panels

The tabs panel displays a series of tabs, each of which reveals article content beneath the row of tabs when clicked.


For the Panel template to work correctly the following subsite settings, metadata, and media types need to be present.

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