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End Points

The End Point Library provides tools for the writing, testing, organisation and deployment of your end points.

End Point Script Editor

End points are JavaScript functions that you can write and deploy to the API Server. They can then be called by forms, workflow processes or third party systems, or set to run on a schedule.

They are often used to provide an interface between the forms a user interacts with and the systems that the rest of your solution connects to.

End points have numerous advantages over creating new workers or overburdening forms with JavaScript:

  • They are created and maintained within their own content section of iCM
  • The ability to create and edit end points is controlled by a user's iCM Privileges (users without access to create/edit end points can still call them in their own forms etc)
  • They are stored in the iCM database and subject to iCM version history policies
  • They can be imported and exported from one iCM to another
  • They are deployed to one or more of the four End Point Library Workers, which allow you to set up a range of security options, including open to AJAX requests, secured to an API key, or internal
  • They can be flagged as internal, preventing anything other than internal requests from end points deployed to the same worker from accessing them
  • Each can also have a request parameter and return schema defined for additional validation

Writing and Deploying End Points

The end point editor is a tool that lets you manage, design, test and deploy your end points.

End Point this Object

The end point "this" object provides properties and functions you can use within your end point

Copy, Create, Edit and Delete End Points

This article describes the basic actions you can take when creating an end point, and includes information about an end point's properties.

End Point Groups - Namespaces

Create, edit and delete, end point groups. Export and Import them from one iCM to another.

Importing and Exporting End Points

You can export end points individually, or by group, and import them into another iCM.

Publishing End Points

End points need to be published before they can be used. End points may also be saved as work in progress.

Bulk Editing End Points

You can edit, copy and delete multiple end points at the same time.

End Point Search

Search for end points using a range of filters and load the results directly into the bulk editor.

End Point Version History

Version history can be used to restore previous versions and deleted end points and groups.

Scheduling End Points

End points can be invoked on a schedule from iCM's scheduled task area.

End Points Knowledge Base

Fast, efficient, scalable and reusable. End points are JavaScript functions you can call in your forms, workflows and site code.

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