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Website Metrics

The Website Metrics tab of the article editor displays information about the current article, taken from your Google Analytics account.

Web Metrics

Note: Web Metrics is a service that retrieves data from your Google Analytics account and displays it in iCM. It does not provide any analytics of its own. The standard Google Analytics tracking code will still need to be present in your site's source code.

You can customise the data that's displayed on the Website Metrics tab. There's a guide in the icm\custom\metrics folder accessible via the iCM File Manager.

Allowing iCM to Access your Google Analytics Data

The Google APIs use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorisation. For iCM to access your account, we need to use the Google Client ID for desktop applications. In this scenario, your iCM server is treated as a simple device without user input.

When setting up website metrics, you authorise your iCM installation once. iCM stores a token that allows it to access Google Analytics data without requiring your iCM users to log into your Google account every time. Note that your Google account username and password are not stored by iCM, only installation identifiers and the access token are stored.

In summary you need to:

  1. Make sure you are logged into Google with an account that is relevant/generic to your organisation - don't use your personal account
  2. In your Google Developers Console, create a Project and enable the Google Analytics API. Create client credentials to generate the Client ID and Client Secret. These are the credentials that iCM will use to identify itself to Google
  3. In iCM enter the Client ID and Client Secret generated in step 1. These can be entered in the iCM Settings section of System Configuration (for credentials that will default across all subsites), or in an individual subsite definition
  4. Press the "Authorise with Google" button next to the Client ID and Client Secret fields. This will display a device code returned from Google and a link. Follow the link and enter the code. Google may also prompt you to log in again

Default Analytics ID

This feature supported "views" in Universal Analytics, which Google deprecated in 2023. GA4 does not have the concept of views.

Last modified on 22 June 2023

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