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File Store

The File Store worker encrypts and stores files, and provides an HTTP/JSONRPC interface to retrieve, update, and delete them. External sources may 'reference' a file, allowing the File Store to safely manage external dependencies when performing delete operations.

There's a more detailed look at how the platform handles file uploads in the Handling File Uploads Knowledge Base article.

Worker Configuration Properties

The following properties can be set in the configuration file sent to the API Server.

encryptFilesBooleanDefaults to true. True if files should be encrypted when stored
mediaStorageDirNameStringDefaults to "WkFileStore_storageDir"
mediaStorageRootPathString (Dir. Path)Defaults to the iCM media directory

mediaStorageRootPath and mediaStorageDirName are combined to form the full path to the root media directory used by this worker to store files
secureReferenceDefaultValidityIntegerFor how long after generation a secure reference will be valid (in minutes). Defaults to 120

Core Concepts

How and where files are stored, and an explanation of file references.

HTTP Methods

Store, retrieve and update files. Tidy the directory and check the integrity of the store.

JSON RPC Methods

Delete files, get file details, and and remove references, and working with secure file references.

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