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Form Utils

The Form Utils Worker provides a range of tools including database interactions, PDF generation and FTP/SFTP requests.

Worker Configuration

All properties are optional.

checkSQLForLiteralValuesBooleanEnables checks for dangerous literal rather than parametrised strings in SQL expression. Default: true
transactionTimeoutIntegerTimeout for transactions in milliseconds. Default 60000
transactionExpiryTaskPeriodIntegerTransaction expiry check frequency. Default: 30000
maxClusterLockLifetimeIntegerMaximum cluster lock life. Default: 60000
clusterLocksExpiryTaskPeriodIntegerCluster lock lifetime exceeded check frequency. Default 1800000
queryTimeoutIntegerThe period of time it takes in seconds for a query to timeout. Default 120

Example Configuration

    "name": "formutils",
    "instances": 1,
    "threadsPerInstance": 10


Database Functions

Includes executeSQL and support for transactions.

Data Import from CSV

The data importer lets you import data from a CSV file into custom database tables.

doOptionDataRead(fieldname, dbdetails)

Populate the options values of list-type form fields.

filterSwearWords(text[, filterString])

Removes words from the suplied text if they are found in iCM's swerword dictionary.

ftpRequest and sftpRequest

Methods that allow you to run a series of commands against a remote FTP server


This method generates and returns an ID in the same format as the business keys used in workflow processes.

getLock(lockName[, id, timeout, comment])

Attempts to acquire a named cluster-wide lock.

hash(hashType, algorithm, data[, key, dataBase64Encoded, returnFormat])

This function exposes the functionality of the MessageDigest and Mac classes to the caller via a consistent JSONRPC interface.

getPasswordRulesDescription, validatePasswordAgainstRules

These functions work with the site user password rules set up in iCM.

pdfRequest(name[, header, footer, html, template, data])

A method that allows you to generate a PDF from HTML or Handlebars and store it in the filestore.


Releases named cluster-wide locks


Checks the supplied string for spelling mistakes and returns an array of suggestions for each spelling mistake found.

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