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Machine Learning Worker

The Machine Learning worker provides deduplication services to the platform. It is currently used in the user registration forms (via a set of end points) supplied with the Assisted Service product, but also provides deduplication of iCM site user profiles that can be performed on a regular schedule.


The worker, and this documentation, are still in beta.

Worker Configuration Properties

The Machine Learning worker depends on a deduplication software library named "Duke". The customised Goss-Duke library can be configured in the worker.conf file using the dukeConf property.

Example Configuration

The worker should be added to the INTERNAL API Server security key.

    "name": "machinelearning",
    "instances": 1,
    "threadsPerInstance": 5

Deduplication Preferences Form

This Form App controls the search filters, fields and comparators used during deduplication.

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