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Registrars is a module that plugs into the Slot Booking framework. It includes a set of forms, workflow processes and End Points that can be used to create appointments, check people in, record the start and end of an appointment, mark appointments as "Not attended", and a range of user booking forms for each appointment type.

These articles describe bespoke features in the Registrars forms and process. Standard functionality, like the ability to cancel or reschedule appointments, appointment availability, and reminders, are described in the main Slot Booking documentation.

Making Appointments

Appointments can be booked online by citizens or be created directly in calendars by staff users.

Appointment Types

Descriptions of all of the appointments that can be booked and how the booking forms can be customised.

Appointment Handling

Once appointments have been booked, Registrars provides a check-in, assign, start and conclude time-logging process which can be used for performance reporting.

Requests from Other Offices

The registrars product also lets your registrars log any incoming requests from other offices they have to handle.


Registrars provides two bespoke dashboards which report on the types of appointment, how they were booked, and how all appointments are performing against KPIs.


Registrars configuration is split between the core Slot Booking configuration, the main Registrars configuration (including KPIs) and configuration for each appointment type.

Example Setup

An example setup once Registrars and the Slot Booking templates have been installed.

Registrars History Records

When an appointment is booked, the following records are created.

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