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Requests from Other Offices

The registrars product also lets your registrars log any incoming requests from other offices they have to handle.

Logging an Incoming Request

Unlike appointments, these incoming requests are not managed via the normal registrar calendars. Instead the registrar logs the request and can either complete it immediately or create a task to complete later.

Log Incoming Request

Task Type

The options in this drop-down are set in the main config.env.Registrars.getConfig End Point. The three standard types are incoming death by declaration, incoming birth by declaration and incoming inquest.

Subject Name

A free text field.

Event Date

Set the date the request was received. The dashboards report on the time between this date and the date the request was processed.


A free text field to record any additional notes.

Log and Complete

This option logs the request and completes the task. It is used to record that a request has been received and dealt with.

Log for Later

This option logs the incoming request. A task is then created that can be picked up using the self Service template and completed later.

Request Task

Carrying out the task reloads the form used to log the request.

Last modified on 10 May 2022

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