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Registrars configuration is split between the core Slot Booking configuration, the main Registrars configuration (including KPIs) and configuration for each appointment type.


For a full description of the article extras, see the Slot Booking documentation. The following settings should be used for Registrars.

Slot Types

The Slot Type template describes the appointments that can be booked. Create an article for each appointment type.

Article ExtraStandard SettingDescription
Form to gather dataBook a birth/death/marriage etcThese forms are used to book appointments. Registrars has standard forms for each of the appointment types. Pick the form that corresponds to this appointment
Comms Template Manager applicationRegistrarsThis application holds all of the templates used in emails etc
Template to useBirth/death/marriage etcPick the template for this appointment type
Look-aheadsYesThis setting allows the booking forms to find the next x number of available time slots. The number returned is set in the End Point for this appointment type
ProcessingYesOnce an appointment of this type has been booked, a registrar clicking on the booking from the calendar will start the check-in/assign/start/conclude process. If "No" clicking on an appointment allows the user to view the details and cancel it

Slot Book Calendars

The Slot Book template provides the calendars for individual registrars. Create an article for each calendar you need. In the article extras the "Create Appointment Form" and "View Appointment Form" should use the registrars specific versions. All other options can be set as needed, following the main Slot Booking documentation.

Slot Booking Calendar Overview

This is the article that groups registrar (Slot Book) calendars into the main registrars calendar interface. You'd normally have a single article, secured to the SLOTBOOKINGREGISTRAR user group.

Relate all of your registrar calendars (article using the Slot Book template) to this article. The "Create Appointment Form" and "View Appointment Form" article extras should use the registrars specific versions.

End Points

Configuration is split between the core booking engine, registrars, and individual appointment types.


The following are set in the config.<environment>.BookAndPay.getConfig End Point.

registrarGroupStringThe site user group registrar users belong to
systemRegistrarStringThe system registrar user, used for registrar related workflow actions
notAttendedTimerInteger (seconds)The time after the start of the appointment it should be marked as not attended

let registrars = {};
registrars.registrarGroup = "SLOTBOOKINGREGISTRAR";
registrars.systemRegistrar = "REGISTRAR";
registrars.notAttendedTimer = 600;


The config.environment.Registrars.getConfig End Point holds the main configuration for Registrars and the values used for reporting and performance. The End Point itself is fully documented.


Each appointment type has its own configuration, holding broadly similar settings. These are found in the config.<environment>.Registrars End Point group, for example

appointmentLengthInteger (minutes)The base appointment length
durationPerBabyInteger (minutes)Only used in birth registrations and re-registrations. The appointmentLength property should be set as 0 and a duration per baby entered instead
translatorDelayInteger (minutes)The amount of time to add onto the appointment if an interpreter is present
upcomingAppointmentsToGetIntegerThe number of future appointments to load on the booking forms
maxDaysKPIInteger (days)The target number of days to offer an appointment within
slotTypeStringThe name of the appointment
slotBookingIdInteger (article ID)The article ID (using the Slot Booking template) this type can be booked onto
slotTypeIdInteger (article ID)The article ID (using the Slot Type template) for this slot type
minDaysSinceInteger (days)The number of days since the birth/death and earliest the appointment can be booked
maxDaysSinceInteger (days)The maximum number of days since the birth/death and the appointment offer
contactNumberStringA contact number for this appointment type (used on the notification emails)
enableSMSBooleanIf true, and templates have been set up for SMS messages (create, cancel and reminder), bookers will have the option to receive SMS messages when they make their booking
paymentOptionsObjectThe properties in this object will vary by appointment type
paymentOptions.paymentEnabledBooleanset false to disable payment on the booking forms
paymentOptions.baseCostIntegerThe base cost
paymentOptions.appointmentCostIntegerThe cost of the appointment
paymentOptions.postageIntegerThe postage cost
paymentOptions.costPerCertificateIntegerThe certificate cost
paymentOptions.firstCertificateCostIntegerThe certificate cost
paymentOptions.secondCertificateCostIntegerThe certificate cost
paymentOptions.localCostPerCertificateIntegerThe certificate cost

    "appointmentLength": 15,
    "durationPerBaby": 15,
    "translatorDelay": 15,
    "upcomingAppointmentsToGet": 5,
    "maxDaysKPI": 5,
    "slotType": "Registration of Birth",
    "slotBookingId": 1440,
    "slotTypeId": 2071,
    "minDaysSince": 0,
    "maxDaysSince": 42,
    "contactNumber": "01234 567 890",
    "enableSMS": true,
    "paymentOptions": {
        "paymentEnabled": true,
        "baseCost": 0,
        "appointmentCost": 10,
        "postage": 0


Registrars defines the following user roles. Users must be created in the relevant groups. Where these groups are configured is also described in the table below.

RegistrarSLOTBOOKINGUSER, SLOTBOOKINGREGISTRARBoth are groups are named candidates in process models so must match and cannot be edited. The group names are also added to the main Registrars and Bookings configuration End Points

These users are able to create and manage bookings directly from the registrars calendars
Customer Service AgentsCSA_GENERALSet in the main Registrars configuration End Point

These users get ready only access to the calendars and can search for appointments
Members of the publicCITIZEN or SLOTBOOKINGUSERThe booking process can be started by the anonymous user, users in a group called SLOTBOOKINGUSER, or users in a group called CITIZENS
Last modified on 10 May 2022

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