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The API Server and Workers

The API Server provides a range of services to iCM and your website. These services are delivered by "workers" and include authentication, workflow and the forms service.

You can find more information about calling the API Server, and worker security, in the API Knowledge Base.

API Server Security is covered in the system configuration documentation.

API Server Console

The API Server Console shows details of calls to the API Server workers, including configuration, load, trace of actions and logs.

API Server and Worker Configuration

The API Server and it's workers are supplied with a default configuration. This can be managed from iCM.

Recommended Settings

If you are running the full Digital Platform, we recommend the following number of instances and threads per worker.


The Authentication worker authenticates users against various providers and technologies, allowing them to log into your site using, for example, their Facebook, Google or LDAP credentials


The Email Worker allows you to send one or more templated emails via your chosen mailserver, you can include Google campaign and tracking data, and specify recipients for any failed or bounced messages.

End Point Library Workers

There are four end point Library Workers, the ajaxlibrary, securelibrary, serverlibrary and remotelibrary. End points deployed to them can be called in your forms, workflow models, website templates and by third parties.

File Store

The File Store worker encrypts and stores files, and provides an HTTP/JSONRPC interface to retrieve, update, and delete them.

Forms Service

The Forms Service is responsible for generating the forms displayed on your site and in iCM.

Form Utils

The Form Utils Worker provides a range of tools including database interactions, PDF generation and FTP/SFTP requests.


The Gatekeeper Worker is used by the API Server itself for verification of API access keys, user authentication and authorisation.


The GovNotify Worker integrates with the Government Digital Service's GOV.UK Notify service.

History Service

The History Service Worker provides a flexible way to store and retrieve data for any service capable of communicating with the API Server.


The iCM API Worker provides access to iCM's Java and ColdFusion APIs from any platform capable of making JSON requests to the API Server.

Image Utilities

The Image Utilities Worker provides methods for manipulating image files.

Machine Learning Worker

The Machine Learning worker provides deduplication services to the platform, currently used in the user registration functionality of Assisted Service.


The mygovscot worker provides an interface to all of the MyAccount webservices provided by the MyGovScot Portal


The Notification Worker can be used to post content to Twitter or Facebook


The OAuth worker allows iCM to act as an OpenID Connect Provider for other services.


The Postcode worker provides services for performing an address look-up using a UK postcode.

SharePoint Worker

The SharePoint worker handles the transfer of files and metadata between SharePoint and the File Store worker.

Site Session Store

The Site Session Store Worker provides a transient data store for any platform able to access the API Server.

SMS Worker

The SMS worker allows iCM to interact with an SMS provider, generating message content in iCM and passing it to the provider to be sent.

Workflow Worker

The Workflow Worker powers the GOSS BPMN workflow implementation. It provides an interface to the Workflow Engine via the API Server.

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