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Feature groups are collections of articles. How they are used will depend upon your website's theme. Some themes use feature groups to create article carousels, others simply list the articles in a feature group as related content.

Create or Edit a Feature Group

To create a feature group, right-click on an existing group, or the root FEATURES group, and select "Create a group". To edit an existing group, double-click on it.

The ability to create or edit feature groups is controlled by a user's iCM Privileges.

Group Properties

Every feature group must have a name, although this doesn't have to be unique. Depending on the theme in use by your site, the group name may be visible on the site, often as a heading above a list of the articles in the group.

Use the "Select" button to add articles to the group. Highlight an article and click "Remove" to remove it.

If you press the select button you'll see a list of all of the articles in iCM that your user has access to see. Current articles in this feature group are highlighted. Double-clicking on articles in the list is a quick way to add or remove them from the group. There's also a search control.

Parent Group

To move this feature group to another location, select a new parent using the "Select" button.

Deleting a Feature Group

To delete a feature group, right-click on it and select "Delete this group".

Last modified on 06 March 2020

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