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Data Management

These articles describe the data our products collect, how and where it is stored, and the different ways you can manage it.

Given the flexible nature of the platform and our products, we highly recommend you carry out audits and compile a personal data inventory which is reviewed each time you launch a new service.

Data Storage - What and Where?

The services running on your digital platform have the potential to collect and store a lot of data. These articles explain where data is stored.

Data Storage - Strengths and Weaknesses

This article takes a closer look at the options you have for storing data, how each is intended to be used, and how you might use them in your own applications.

Data Flows and Access

Different users can access data stored in the platform in different ways.

Core Product Data Storage

A summary of the data collected by our core products.

Data Subject Rights

The platform, and the products installed on it, provide a range of tools that let users manage their data.

Data Retention Policies

The Data Retention Manager lets you set up retention policies for data stored in the History service.

Exporting Data

The Data Export Manager exports data from History as JSON or CSV files and can email or post them via SFTP.

Importing Data

You can import data from a CSV file using the Form Utilities API Server worker.

Data Management API

The Data Management API lets you count, query and purge user data in workflow, history and iCM objects.

Handling File Uploads

This article looks at various ways you can work with files uploaded in form submissions, including working with the File Store Worker and Secure File References.

Workflow and History Data In Assisted Service, Self Service and User Requests

A look at how these three templates display data from the platform's history and workflow services.

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