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iCM Management

The iCM Management section lets you administer your iCM installation, including users, approvals, version control, system maintenance, logs, reports and other configuration.

Site Groups and Users

The site groups and users section holds the details of people who have registered with your site or have logged in using a third party provider. Groups are used to secure the content these users can access.

iCM Groups and Users

The iCM Groups and Users section is used to create and manage the users who can log into iCM, control the content they can access and define the tasks they can perform.

Approval Requirements

Article approvals define a workflow chain of users an article must pass through before it is published on your site.

Version Control Policies

Version control is used to keep a history of changes to iCM content. It allows previous or deleted versions of content to be restored.

Locked Items

The locked items area of iCM Management lets you manage all of the items across your iCM installation that have been locked.

Form Sessions

Active forms use a cached copy of the published form they relate to. This section of iCM lets you delete those cached form definitions.

Decache Site

You shouldn't ever need to, but it is possible to manually delete your site cache


iCM lets you run a range of reports, including on the activity of users, content items that have been added, updated or deleted, items that have scheduled updates due, form submissions saved to the iCM database, unused media items, workflow activity and published end points.


Access errors, approvals, security and task logs.

Bulk Mail

iCM includes mailing tools that can be used to contact users registered with your site based upon their preferences.


iCM definitions set up many of the background elements used by the main iCM content types.

System Configuration

Settings for the iCM and API Servers, scheduled tasks, timeouts, taking iCM offline, the file manager and other system-wide configuration.


Autoconfig holds global and background configuration for iCM. Some of these settings can also be changed using the system configuration section of the iCM management menu.

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