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Comms Manager

The Communications Template Manager (CTM) provides a central store of templates for the emails and SMS messages sent by the applications running on your Digital Platform. Templates can be in plain text or HTML, and include Handlebars expressions so they can be tailored to their recipients.

The CTM supports multiple versions and language variations of templates, and groups them by the service they relate to.

Templates, versions and language options can be flagged as inactive which, although the message will still be sent using the requested template, alerts the application contact email that an inactive template is still in use.

What it Does

Why do we have a template manager?

Creating Templates

Templates are organised by application. Each application can have any number of templates.

Requesting Templates

Templates are requested via a single end point. The response includes the template subject and body.

Sending Messages

Rather than simply returning templates, the CTM can also send email and SMS messages.

Inactive Templates and Fallbacks

Templates flagged as inactive are still used, but the owner is notified via email. If a language version is requested that doesn't exist, the response will fall back to English.


The CTM includes a set of End Points, two object types and a single form.

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