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Creating Templates

Templates are organised by application. Each application can have any number of templates.

Create an Application

Applications are groups that hold your templates. Each application group should relate to a solution or service your site delivers.

Press the "Add Application" button to create a new application.

Add Application

Applications have a name, which is used when calling the CTM, and a contact email. The contact email should be that of the "owner" of the application. This address will be notified if any "inactive" templates are used.

Application Name

Create a Template

Each template within an application has a unique name. You'll receive a warning if you try to create a template with a name that is already in use.

Manage Templates

Each template can have a number of named "variations". Variations are just versions. You might have a "variation" of a template that is sent to logged in users, another sent to anonymous users, and a third sent to staff members.

Use the "Manage Emails" button from the list of applications, then the "Manage" button in the variations column to create one.

Each variation can also have up to three different language versions. The three language options are English, Welsh and Gaelic.

Template Body

Template Body

The template body is returned when a request is made for an application, template, variation and language (see Requesting Templates). The body can include Handlebars expressions which will be expanded when your template is used.

Allowed elements:

  • html
  • body
  • span
  • div
  • a
  • p
  • br
  • olulli
  • blockquote
  • hr
  • tabletheadtbodytrthtd
  • caption
  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6

Allowed attributes:

  • style
  • id
  • href
  • colspan
  • rowspan


The tokens that you can use in your templates depend upon the product you are creating a template for. These are documented in the relevant product areas, for example Bookings message templates and Case Management message templates.

SMS Message

The plain text SMS message is also returned when requesting a template.

Last modified on September 07, 2023

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