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Diary Planner for Appointment Booking

Diary Planner provides a calendar and appointment booking system. It includes four article templates, workflow process models, templates for the Comms Manager, and a set of End Points that act as an API into the booking engine.


Introducing the Diary Planner appointment system.

Definitions and Concepts

An explanation of the terms used in Diary Planner and a summary of the main user roles.

Booking and Handling Appointments

You can book appointment directly in the calendars or via forms which look up available time slots. Once booked, a range of forms are used to create and manage appointments, and their behaviour changes depending on the permissions of the user.

Example Installation

The recommended article structure and settings for a Diary Planner application.

Slot Booking Templates

The Slot Booking templates are used by Diary Planner, Registrars and Room Bookings. Three templates set up the slot types, calendars and calendar overview pages.

Creating New Appointment Types

Step by step instructions to creating a new appointment type.


Settings for Slot Booking, Diary Planner, email templates and user roles.

Installing Diary Planner

This documentation sets up a single instance (application) of Diary Planner. It uses one calendar, one appointment type, and the example booking forms that come with the product.

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