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Slot Booking Templates

The Slot Booking templates are used by Diary Planner, Registrars and Room Bookings. Three templates set up the slot types, calendars and calendar overview pages.

Slot Types describe the appointments that can be booked in the calendars. As well as naming the type of slot, they provide a default duration, can be switched on and off depending on availability, set how bookings are processed, and the form that is used to make bookings. They also control whether or not the booking can be cancelled or rescheduled.

The Slot Book template creates calendars. You can define the times and days of the week that appointments can be booked, and the availability of different types of appointment on each day.

The Slot Booking template brings together your calendars, slot types and booked appointments to give an overview of a service.

Slot Type Template

Articles using the Slot Type template define the appointments that can be created on the Slot Book calendars.

Slot Book Template

Articles using the Slot Book template create the calendars that appear on the main Slot Booking article.

Slot Booking Template

The Slot Bookings template displays a series of calendars and their appointments. Free slots can be clicked on to make bookings.

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