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Assisted Service

The Assisted Service template lets one user act on behalf of another. It is designed to be used by customer service agents working with a user, perhaps over the phone, to help them complete tasks on your website. Tasks are recorded against the user being assisted, as if they had completed them themselves.

Tasks could include interacting with processes and services, raising new requests, saving and submitting forms, registering new users, and editing an existing user's profile.

The template provides a site user search. Search results include a summary of a user's activity, their profile, and shortcuts to common tasks a user may need assistance with.

The template integrates with the Interaction Log - a set of forms which create an entry in the platform's history service, recording who was assisted and what they needed assistance with. Interactions are recorded against the agent, not the user being assisted, and can be thought of as a timesheet entry.

This documentation uses the following terms:

  • Agent - The person using the template to assist someone
  • User - The person being assisted
  • Assisting/Assistance Mode - When an agent is acting on behalf of a user

Note that assisting a user does not change the security groups/privileges of the agent. Assisting does not grant access to content secured to the user being assisted, or remove access to content the agent could originally see. This is key in preventing escalation of privileges - you wouldn't want a regular user "assisting" your HR Manager and gaining access to all of the HR content on your intranet.

Assisted Service Template

A description of the template's behaviour and settings.

Interaction Logging with Assisted Service

While assisting users agents can record what they are doing using the interaction log.

Assisted Service Technical Information

Workflow and history records, context variables, audit log and URL parameters.

Assisted Service - User Registration and Deduplication

Find possible matches with existing accounts when registering a new user.

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