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Self Service and User Requests

These two templates display processes and tasks from the platforms workflow engine and history service.

They are a key part of the way services are delivered through your site, allowing users to track the requests they have made, and your staff members to carry out tasks and respond to users.


The workflow knowledge base includes a worked example that uses these two templates:

There are also example implementations for the following products:

Self Service

The Self Service template displays lists of tasks your user can carry out. You can also track processes you have raised and see a history of your previous requests.

User Requests

The User Requests template is intended to deliver a single view of all of the activities a user has been involved in, with activities displayed on a series of cards. It is intended to deliver a simplified, request driven view for users, rather than the full lists of Self Service.

Filtering in Self Service and User Requests

The Self Service and User Request article extras let you build filters to control what each template displays.

Workflow and History Data In Assisted Service, Self Service and User Requests

A look at how these three templates display data from the platform's history and workflow services.

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