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What are Articles?

You can think of an article as a page on your site. We prefer the term article, rather than page, because you're in the business of publishing content. You might not have thought of yourself as a publisher before, but when you write something for a website, you're journalist, author and publisher all rolled into one.

It's also important to remember that not all articles will be pages. Some articles are used to create menus, some are purely "system" articles, and some provide snippets of content that form part of other articles.

What about Templates?

Each article you publish will use a template. The template will control what your article looks like and the additional content it displays.

Most articles you create will use the Default template, which simply publishes the content in the way you tell it to. Other templates include the Forms Service template (for displaying forms), the List template (for displaying a list of other articles) and the Search template (which automatically includes a search box). There's a lot more information in the Templates documentation.

The ability to create and edit articles is controlled by a user's iCM Privileges.

In this Section

Creating Articles

Three steps to publishing your content.

Headings, Links and Summaries

The Summary section of the editor is where you set the article heading and other optional elements.

Write and Edit Article Content

The body text provides the main content for your article, including text and embedded media. There are two editors and you can preview your changes before you submit them.

Extra Configuration and Related Content

Some template types require extra configuration, or to have additional content related to them.

Publishing Articles

Securing, scheduling, validating and optimising your article for search, as well as the approval process before it goes live

Article Properties

The properties tab of the article editor holds information about when the article was created and last modified, who owns it, and its position in the article tree.

Copying, Deleting and Moving Articles

You can copy, delete and move articles individually or many at a time

Editing Multiple Articles at Once

The Grid Editor allows multiple articles to be edited at the same time.

Searching For and Replacing Article Content

Find out about search and replace when working with articles in iCM.

Article Version History

Version history can be used to view recent changes and to restore previous or deleted versions of an article.

Article Import and Export

Article content can be exported from one iCM installation and imported into another.

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