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Publishing Articles

Once the main content of your article is ready, it's time to publish it.

Before publishing you may want to secure the content, schedule when the changes appear, change how it appears in the site search or check the spelling.

Work in Progress Articles

iCM lets you to save a work in progress copy of any new or existing articles.

Securing Articles

It is possible to restrict access to an article, and the articles that are beneath it, to a group of site users.

Scheduling, Reviewing and Archiving Articles

The article schedule tab lets you turn articles on and off, schedule when changes appear, set review and update reminders and archive the article at a certain time.

Article Search Optimisation

The search tab lets you change the position of an article in search results relative to its normal ranking.

Child Article Ordering

iCM lets you to manually order articles, changing the layout of lists and menus.

Checking Content

Check the spelling, validation and template requirements of your article.

Article Approvals

Article approvals are used to build approval chains which an article must pass through before it is published on your site.

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